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The springs of your garage door are what enable it to keep up with the hundreds of pounds of pressure placed on it every day. Unfortunately, a spring can break suddenly and cause an emergency situation. The garage door is usually on the ground when this happens, but this isn’t always the case. Having a spring break when the garage door is up puts everyone in or near the garage at risk of being crushed. We are available to fix a broken spring as well as perform basic maintenance so it doesn’t break in the first place.

Of all the garage door repair issues you shouldn’t attempt on your own, avoiding working with springs is perhaps most important. They can be quite unpredictable for someone who doesn’t have the same experience and training as our staff. Thankfully, you can avoid this urgent situation by contacting 5 Star Garage Doors for immediate repair or maintenance work in Seattle, WA. We make it a priority to repair any worn springs we notice during our garage door inspections.

Torsion Springs

5 Star Garage Doors Seattle, WA 206-488-1096Torsion springs are tightly coiled, but will uncoil when you lift the garage door or use your remote to do so. A strong beam located at the top of your garage door enables it to lift several hundred pounds each time the door opens and closes. When you command the garage door to close, its torsion springs return to a coiled position. These springs are small, but they can handle hundreds of pounds of pressure each. A broken torsion spring could cause serious injury or property damage when an inexperienced person tries to fix it.

In addition to being small, every torsion spring comes in a different wire size, length, and diameter. Someone without industry training would not know to account for these differences, which could cause serious errors in repair and installation. These individual factors enable us to figure out how often you can open and close the garage door before the torsion springs give out and you need to replace them. A typical residential garage door needs one or two springs while larger doors common with commercial properties usually need at least three.

Extension Springs 

Extension springs constrict and extend in response to commands. Without them, you would not be able to get your garage door open or closed. These springs make it possible to place dense and heavy machinery inside of the entire garage door system so it will function as it should. Each extension spring holds hundreds of pounds of tension. That is why working with a professional garage door repair company like 5 Star Garage Doors is so important.